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heavy rain has led up around most of the bay area and there is quite a bit of damage left behind and we will show you the damaged areas and how people are prepared for the next round of rain. >> still some morning rain and things are winding down and another system is coming in and that one may be even stronger. we have some sad stories as families are forced out of their homes and we have the search for clues on how it may have started. it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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good morning, thank you for joining us, a live picture something you should know if you are driving in the morgan hill area, all lanes are closed because of a big-rig crash, a league out there this morning dark leak out there and what you are looking at is people taking a detour object highway -- detour on highway 101 and also there are health concerns so we will check in with her in just a minute. let's talk about weather and traffic, steve, you have everything to tell us. >> we still have some rain last night which is the main car door. we still have some morning rain and it is more of a westerly breeze, temperatures are on the mild side and we have added
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that breeze. heavier rain will be central california and it will be close for the santa cruz mountains as well and we will get more rain here and that will take us to friday. mendocino, northern sonoma and into napa, morning rain goes and that's where the low is going and we have a fizzle or wind down and there could be some isolated showers in contra costa and temperatures are in the 50s and that starts, a this next system will be a really good wind producer. there goes one system as it moves to the north and here comes the next one and it looks even better. partly cloudy after that morning rain hit and miss more to the north and breezes out of the south, southwest and mainly in the low-to-mid 60s, here is
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sal. we have some troubles out there, too big of a reaction let's start with this but it is a little wet from the overnight rain. same thing goes, still windy and rainy and wet roads for you to drive on. westbound 205 at grand line, a sig alert has been out there for most of the night since 1:00 and this is blocking lanes and they don't have any time for this to be reopened but if you look at my map, it is a world of slow topics and a big- rig has spilled gas on highway
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101 blocking all southbound lanes and tara moriarty joins us live where traffic is being diverted, tara? >> reporter: we just heard they are hoping to have one of those lanes open by 6:00 and the stench of the gasoline was so strong it gives you ahead a headache and this is where folks are being directed off of the freeway. right now you cannot drive on 101 southbound passed ten, it is around 1:00 this morning and a driver was speeding hit the center divider and a driver hit the tanker truck, it ended up flipping over into a drain judge ditch. we believe his injuries were not surveillance meanwhile at
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least 4,000 had spilled into a ditch and that's why all of the emergency crews have not gotten into any lakes or respond nearby and we have been told 4 homes have been evacuated and they will not be allowed back into the area until the scene is completely mopped up and one person was being put up by a hope tell from the red cross. we know half of it spilled and not sure if he was cited but they will completely shut down for at least another hour and one lane will be low going so crews can upright the truck and siphon all of that gasoline. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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all right, 5:06 now with this morning's storm watch, there still may be scattered showers and for the most round of storms. they have sandbags for people who want to be prepared, alex? >> well, people up here in marin county know they are not out of the woods just yet. that is why today you can expect people will be dropping by to fill up like this one here. they have a big pile of sand and the bags are ready to go and these sandbags will help people protect their homes from flooding as more rain arrives. yesterday, i worried south of
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tonight mollies. that tree came down on top of some power lines and it happened across the bay area, yesterday with high winds and they were topping some high winds and some of those downed trees led to power outages. for that reason they have extra crews on standby to deal with storm-related problems. >> they will be ready to ramp up at the command center in order to deploy services. >> reporter: they say 13% of all downed trees are caused by storms like the one we had yesterday and storms that saturate the ground and bring in high winds all at the same time. flooding is a real concern and that's why you can bet this
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sandbag station, fire station number 2 will be a popular spot later today. alex savage news knew. >> many bay area homeowners are worried about flooding. just go to our website and click on web links. well another strong storm will bring a lot of rain and strong winds to the area. chp is getting ready for more spin outs. last night it caused a treacherous evening commute. this grim her said december came through while it was raining heavily on highway 24 in oakland. >> it came right over the curb.
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>> i slid backwards. >> so much a seven is urging all drivers to use this break and make sure your windshield wipers are working poply and dab properly and get your tires and breaks checked. >> you can get it to go with your weather app and get this live radar. it is available for apple and droid users. children are -- and droid users. -- it started in a car port before it spread to apartments. they escaped the burning building safely. >> we do have a total of 18 people living in this apartment building and of the this family
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-- >> firefighters say the flames destroyed the damage but the cause of the fire continues. new video to show you, this is last night's emergency landing in oakland of a delta airlines and they forced everybody on board to evacuate. >> go. >> we cannot breathe back here, go. >> one of the passengers shot this video, we are showing you the chaos moments from los angeles as they landed in oakland aiken port. they were told to get off the plane. the 6:00 into the cause continues. one of the two men who pled guilty to beating brian stow will remain behind bars. he will remain in custody in an
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unrelated weapons case until the trial begins. the judge called norwood a slight risk and danger to society. he was sentenced to four years in prison for beating bryan stow outside the stadium in 2011. he could have been released sooner due to the time he has already done. bryan stow was among those on- year-olding two of the. sergeant sergeant loran butch baker and officer elizabeth butler was killed exactly one year ago and office remembers touched by the large turnout. >> they are saying we are still with you and we are all in this together and we will not forget the sacrifice from these
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officers. the new badge was underveiled and it has the badge numbers of the two officers killed and their end of watch date. >> all right, pam, time is now 512. a big vote in washington d.c., how much federal money are they am getting and what should it be used for. police are call to the home. we are looking at two which is a major crash. we will tell you the drive times an alternate routes around the bay. we are still getting some rain but here comes the rain again and we will have the timing on the next system and amounts of this one too. ♪
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. welcome back, we have some new information about the death of a three-year-old girl in napa valley. they made at least two visits to the apartment where caylee slusher listed in the days before their death. they were called to the home after a fight and one was worried caylee was not being fed. they pled not guilty that they
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beat her to death and hid her body in the freezer. it was a deadly bombing last year and runners will not be allowed to carry bags of closing to either the starting or finish line. instead they will check out their gear in special approved bags the morning of the boston marathon. also people with bags will be subject to searchers. >> spectators searchers will be able to see so they know the security they depend on will be there. >> this year the boston marathon is scheduled for april 21st. and the peninsular daily news reports, palo alto system considering an agreement to allow off-duty workers to work at the stadium. they will not be used to
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calculate other benefits and they will pay for any injuries suffered by any other officers. and officials say between 70 and 80 cars will be in service on game days and it's near the stadium where extra trains can be stored. they are buying tickets but 49ers have asked to rename it's great america's foundation. sal, you are following crashes and road closures and other areas. >> that's right. we are starting just south of morgan hill. a tanker spill has forced evacuations and has shut down 101 in the southbound direction near tenants road.
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it is not an area even north bound, they will take a look at what is going on and this is your commute and you need extra time for that commute. i want to mention, we have a big problem with a truck accident there as well blocking two of three lanes and it has been out there since 1:00 and it is nowhere near clearing and traffic is backed up to highway 5. now as a result, 508 will be lighter and even canon road, an overturned car, the drive time is 20 minutes and that's because a lot of people are not getting through so if you get there, you will have a little bit of a break also looking at that area, 68 to 82, that is a look at the bay bridge toll
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plaza and that's an 8 minute drive time. >> let's go to steve. >> on ktvu channel 2. >> or him. >> he must be tired. three inches on ben loehmann's, two and a half. i believe they had a little more than that. i know kentfield was in there as well. and mound town point 466, the first time they have had an above fall rainfall and february has had more than twice as much as the last seven months combined. thank you michael for his spot
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on information. and it is still raining here and we will take a closer look at his radar and our system is giving us morning rain, it will be breezy out of the west, southwest, the next system coming in really looks like a strong wind producer and the heavier rain will be in central and santa cruz mountains and it can be in the rain. closed up at ukiah, 1.5 inches of rain and up in ball lucks i -- biloxi, i know crocket, over towards hercules and venetia, it is beginning to pick up again back over to fremont and a little bit coming out of the santa cruz mountains may be heading over to morgan hill. the bridges up at the hills and
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the overnight has turned to snow, one to three inches on the deck, they are there until 5:00 with snow on. high winds are posted and it may feel cooler. sacramento 52 and 63 balmy degrees, they are batting down the hatches and this will be a really strong system for them and and it will still be good for them. they are right in line may be more inland areas and such as concord. the big news will be the wind and this did your wind in gusts, not much happens today but we will focus on areas and the kale winds are out on the coast as they pick up friday
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morning. late tonight, 2:00 a.m. so get ready. partly cloudy skies morning rain, there is not much, but potential ten, windy with rain, still kind of an undersettled day and it looks cloudy and we have some fog. we have rain and storm damage and you can e-mail them to news tips on or just post them to our facebook paint. 5:23 big news for our facebook fans. the reason they may still be the home of the a's. and nutrition labels on the food you eat, we will show you what nutrition labels like look
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and why it is such a big deal.
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. knows nutrition -- those nutrition labels you see on food will be getting a makeover. it will be bigger and bolder type so that the information is easier to read. serving sizes will be updated to make them more realistic.
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nutrition facts will include vie -- vitamin d and it could take years to get this approved. having a cell phone in the city of santa rosa, they are considering asking voters to approve a friend to tax to pay for general services. they want to expand or lower an existing tax on cable television and landlines to include cell phones. this measure could go on the november ballot. a bizarre attempted murder case in the south bay, police say the weapon was a speeding car targeting total strangers. we are live in san jose where a fire ripped through a town home come plex, we will tell you how many people were affected and what they are saying this morning. it is a rough one, we will
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give you drive times an alternate routes. still some morning rain, hit and miss, more rain is on the way and we have a stronger system with more rain on the way, details coming up. [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek.
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. well, good morning, welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning
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news. you see some activity on the back roads, all lanes of southbound 101 are still shut down because it was a tanker crash and a fuel spill in that area and tanker build ups. and everybody wants to know when the rain is coming back, how much are we going to get and steve wants all the answers. >> it will be probably in the same time and snow has turned to snow until 4:00 and rain has been picking up more towards the north bay northern sonoma up to clover dale, northern napa and some are wrapping back around and see some from san rafael back over to cc sabathia bay -- san pablo
5:32 am
bay, union city, sun sunol grade and a little bit coming out of the santa cruz mountains and 50s on the temperatures and not really a cold front but it was strong enough and it will take its rain with us. we will focus our attention right there on this system which is going to be a very, very strong system and rainfall projections look solid through late saturday, heavier south from the santa cruz mountains and everybody will be in on this one. partly cloudy after some morning rain and it's out of the south, southwest and 50s for your high today. here is sal. we are still watching the commute marched by two major crashes. the first one such westbound 280 and it has been there since 1:00 and it's blocking lanes and traffic is going to be very slow all the way back from highway 5. you can take 5 to
5:33 am
get around the problem and this might inadvertently help out as you drive through the pass as people are getting through. there is also an injury crash with an overturned vehicle and remember be careful. i want to mention, traffic is going tobies i as you drive through the east shore freeway and in fact let's go, there is still a little bit of slow traffic and as you come through, there is an 8 minute delay getting into san francisco. we are following traffic troubles and highway 101 after a big crash, it spilled lots of gasoline into the area and they have forced the evacuation of some homes in the area. live from morgan hill where traffic is being diverted. >> you know the odor of the
5:34 am
gasoline -- gasoline was enough and they are being given a detour to the next exit. it is about a half hour and chp said 1:00 this morning a driver was speeding on 101 southbound and had a crash with a tanker truck and that tanker went into the drainage ditch. >> they lost control of the vehicle, went into the center divider went across the southbound lanes and into a tanker truck. >> the tanker truck driver was taken to the hospital and we believe his injuries are nonlife-threatening. chp believes half of that leak but right now they are making sure they have not gotten into
5:35 am
any nearby waterways. emergency folks are here and they will not be allowed back until the scene is mopped. again southbound 101 is completely going to be open but we believe it will be extremely slow going because they still have to up right the tanker and siphon all of the gas out of that area. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. new this morning, almost 20 people in san jose including children are looking for new homes after an early morning townhouse fire. joining us live telling us how they are doing and also the latest on the investigation, janine? >> reporter: we are here on snell and obviously this fire is out and you can't tell it is damaged from out outside because most of the damage is in the back but it is completely destroyed and the families are trying salvage
5:36 am
what they can and for the most part they have lost everything. let's go to some cell phone video where the fear started this morning. one of the residence called after seeing flames in the car port area in the town home come plex. flames went through three fire alarms. it took firefighters about an hour to get this fire under control and one unit was worried about the health of her 22 and 21 month old children. >> i have wanted to get the kids out because it was spreading really fast and within minutes the whole back of the building was in flames. so it was pretty scary. >> red cross is helping all four families that were
5:37 am
affected by the fire. they are given hotels and emergency money for food and clothing. investigators have been out here to collect evidence and conduct interviews and at this point, they don't have a cause yet. an investigator may come back to the scene once again to go around and look for evidence to see if they can come up with a cause for this. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. steve has been saying a few scattered showers in some parts and for the most part, high wind warnings are preparing for what could be another tough commute. the winds have already knocked out power to hundreds in the south bay after a tree fell on to some power lines. >> friday we will be
5:38 am
anticipating possibly being saturated and you do see conditions like that where even healthy tree also come down. >> paint page recommends customers prepare for possible outages and make sure you charge your electronics especially cell phones so they are ready. if you do see a downed power line call 911 . rain is welcome bought it will -- but it will not be enough. lake mendocino we have been showing you those pictures, it is just 40% of what it would be normally this time of year. the agency said it will take 4 or 5 more storms to get to the rainfall we need which was previously the worst without. it is a drought relief just
5:39 am
days after it was proposed by governor governor jerry brown -- governor jerry brown. they also provide $15 million for communities with dangerously low water supplies and calls for increased penalties for illegal water diversion. don't forget you can get the latest storm watch, we do live stream all you have our newscasts and we have live latest storm trackers we have. happening today we should get the latest while affecting snow pack. now earlier this month, the sierra snow pack was 29% of normal and they are not expected to do much to change that. it is getting to where the
5:40 am
likelihood of any reasonable recovery is pretty -- pretty close to zero. on top of that, the news is even worse for them stayed wide. >> a bizarre attempted murder case. he intentionally rammed his car into a strain engineer's home. it happened in campbell. police say the driver may have been going 60 miles per hour when he smashed his car into a home that was apparently picked at random. the driver was not alone and a woman and her two young children were inside. >> witnesses heard the engine rev and the vehicle attempted to accelerate combined with some statements made, led us to plea of he was -- led us to believe he was trying to harm
5:41 am
the occupants inside the car. police inside the house were not hurt. they have identified the driver and he faces charges of attempted murder and driving under the influence. bart begins their agenda and it is an effort to ban labor strikes. if approved they will ban labor strikes at bart. they walked off the job twice and the strikes inconvenienced 10s of thousands across the bay area. the giants' president larry bear says it's now possible the two teams could share at&t park at some point. the giants will be. to share their ballpark to help them out in their current
5:42 am
stadium but only if they use it on a temporary basis only a if they hold the rights. and now, this is ridiculous. pam, this is just stupid. >> it is amazing. >> he stole a home run, that is one of the greatest plays i have ever seen. in fact it is a two home run and the al1sl0 won, they beat the giants 10-5. >> you can't compete with that catch. 5:42 is the time. we do have information about one of the men who viciously beat bryan stow. a judge decides whether he will be allowed to leave his prison
5:43 am
cell. -- prison cell. a video from richmond you don't want to miss. good morning, we have some slow trash. around the corner there is slowing we will tell you more about that. >> in fact it's much stronger with wind gusts, we will have more on that. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits.
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. it was all captured on
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video. the gunman pointing his weapon at a clerk and the clerk grabs the gun and a second employee takes him down like in something you see in pro wrestling he tackled him and threw him to the ground. >> i was real nervous but my a driven lynn took -- adrenaline took over and i didn't think twice about it. >> richmond police said his move there was heroic and they may give him a medal for his bravery but they don't ask, they will discriminate against gays lesbians in the name of religion. people who opposed the bill celebrated the bill and they
5:47 am
believe this would have allowed them to refuse service to gays and lesbians based on their religious beliefs. >> it was used to discriminate against them and that was never used for that matter. >> they are concerned about an economic backlash. in ukraine tensions are high with strong ties with russia. >> pro russian and ukrainian demonstrators are facing off. now there are reports that pro russian force have taken over the building and have raised
5:48 am
the russian flag and they are now in russia where he was asked for protection. happening now, the wet weather is raising big concerns about mudslides and these are areas that have been burned by wildfires. now in the antelope valleys, they are stocking up on sandbags and mandatory evacuations are getting with a hillside that got here. >> i am saying. -- staying? >> you are saying in. >> yes. i am saying. this could bring waves of 10 to 15 feet at the beaches let alone all of the rain as well. >> oh, boy. 5:48 is the time. sal will be busy for the whole week, especially with the rain. >> well, it is thursday
5:49 am
already, pam, but this is not like tuesday, but we have a few more days to go. pam was informed and let's go out and show you highway 4 is going to be slow and today is the break day when it comes to traffic and i think it will be better today than it was yesterday and better than tomorrow and keep that in the back of your mind. traffic will be a little bit slow in some lanes approaching the bay bridge and drive times are from oakland to san francisco, and even canyon road, there is a crash involving overturned reek and now the big question, a huge
5:50 am
backup approach and two are getting by and i want to mentions it is going to be super slow in this area. another thing i want to mention, we had that big truck accident in the morgan hill area. >> 550, let's go. >> and we have four inches of rain out there, two and a half, over two, san rafael kentfield, i know between one and three quarters san bruno got an inch and a half socal and for the month 9. 466, 100 percent of normal and it is the first time
5:51 am
in months where we had a normal percentage of rainfall. that deserves a wow. >> [applauds] >> well, it is about time morning rain in fact the breeze is beginning to take off. that will be upgraded to a warning i guarantee it. that is coming up late tonight into tomorrow i had over two inches of rain and into napa, over san pablo bay over towards crocket up to napa and this
5:52 am
looks like things are calming down as they move through. also danville, 580 and then coming out of the santa cruz mountains in between san jose and morgan hill. rain has turned to snow and that winter weather advisory up there until 4:00 for us, the high wind watch is out. 50s on the temperatures, we are definitely picking up out of the south as well in advance of this testimony and this -- system and this one will be very strong interest. ukiah 52 and here comes the next one, this will bring us rain and very windy conditions and the core will come in and drive in central and southern california. we send it back to dave and pam. >> thank you, steve. in business news, tesla is
5:53 am
considering four states to be a huge battery making factory. they are looking at sites in new mexico and texas. they arethey are not sure what location will be chosen but they will need 6500 workers. just a few minutes ago, they announced new jobless claims were up and many filed for first time unemployment benefits and got us the highest level in five weeks. they hope the new e.reader will help boost sales and they are under a muching it -- launching it early next year. time to patrol the city streets in rock ridge, how that decision will affect that community. attacked because of google glass, a new video from a woman in san francisco.
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. they have posted a new video on you tube this morning. it is from the night that it happened and sarah said she started recording after two women at the molotov bar
5:57 am
confronted her. they claimed they took them and she ended up getting the glasses back but she said they stole her purse and phone. they are investigating the timing of the general motors recall. gm doubled the numbers of cars recalled and they apologize for not examining better than when it came up ten years ago. >> general motors can be fined for as much as $35 million. they say the school has violated their rights for not taking reports of sexual assaults seriously. some of their attackers are
5:58 am
still on campus, and that leaves them feeling like victims . our campus is going to take a stand and they will start making a change because we can't do this alone and our voices need to be heard. >> uc berkeley -- berkeley released a statement saying they have no place on a college campus. time now 5:58 getting ready for flooding, we need parts of marin county and these are live pictures, we are at a fire station live they are getting ready for the next storm coming tomorrow. oop >> we cannot briefth breathe back here, go. what happened in the rush to get those passengers off the
5:59 am
6:00 am
. big traffic troubles, what is expected to happen in the next few minutes? they are tapered off but that storm that

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